Our policy

As part of FIRM Construction’s commitment to building excellence, we acknowledge that our responsibilities are beyond the project site. We are committed to being good corporate citizens and making positive impacts throughout our business operations. FIRM Construction’s corporate responsibility is based on nurturing our staff, supporting local subcontractors and suppliers and building for local communities. Our in-house policies reinforce our commitment to building excellence. 

FIRM Construction’s focus is always to reach beyond the standard practices and engage with the community to make a positive difference. At FIRM Construction, we recognise the shared responsibility to protect the planet and minimise our carbon footprint. We continuously strive to reduce the environmental impact of our business operations through our approach to sustainability and waste reduction practices. 

At FIRM Construction, we are individually and collectively accountable for upholding our corporate social responsibility commitments. We encourage positive participation throughout our company and we will continuously work with other stakeholders to support and improve our workplaces. We ensure our actions are socially, ethically, and environmentally responsible.