FIRM Construction provides efficient and high-quality commercial, warehouse and industrial construction services throughout Western Australia. We specialise in delivering warehouses, retail fit-outs, commercial office buildings and multi-purpose facilities.

We are an experienced commercial construction company that delivers projects efficiently and effectively. At FIRM Construction, we pride ourselves on delivering quality projects that are client-oriented.

Our previous experiences

At FIRM Construction, we deliver state of the art buildings and facilities across Western Australia; from the Ningaloo Visitors Centre in the North West region to the redevelopment of the Wembley Golf Course in the Perth metropolitan area, and everything in between.

We believe in delivering high-quality projects that will have a positive impact on our local communities.

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Wembley Sports Pavilion

Family-friendly sports pavilion built for the local community.

Client: Town of Cambridge
Contract scope: New build
Location: Perth metropolitan area (Wembley)
Completion date: 2016

Description: FIRM Construction was engaged to build and refurbish the new sports pavilion. The two storeys facility features new change rooms, wet areas, storerooms, suspended balconies, main hall, cool rooms and bar. Our team also fitted out a full commercial kitchen.

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Wembley Golf Course Redevelopment

Redevelopment of the world-class golfing facility in Wembley.

Client: Town of Cambridge
Contract scope: New build
Location: Perth metropolitan area (Wembley)
Completion Date: 2016

Description: FIRM Construction was engaged in a construct only contract to redevelop the popular Wembley Golf Course. The work includes the addition of dining and balcony areas; a function room; change rooms and its amenities; additional car parking spaces; and, external landscaping works.

Our team had to ensure full operation and safe public access to the Wembley Golf Course.

The main feature was the construction of a 34mx17m fibreglass canopy from China. It was then put together by our team in Perth. In addition, high-quality kiosk fit-out was added to complete this world-class facility.

Geraldton Civic Centre

State of the art Geraldton Civic Centre built for the local community.

Client: City of Greater Geraldton
Contract scope: New build
Location: Mid West region (Geraldton)
Completion date: 2016

Description: The state of the art building is located in the heart of town. This facility features three multipurpose buildings, function room with ocean views, office spaces, classrooms and open-air outdoor area with a playground. This Centre is a defining architectural feature providing the local community with a family-friendly area.

FIRM Construction engaged local subcontractors and suppliers, which enabled us to complete practical completion four weeks ahead of schedule.


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Ningaloo Visitors Centre

Ningaloo’s biggest social infrastructure investment built by FIRM Construction for the local community.

Client: Shire of Exmouth
Contract scope: New build
Location: Exmouth
Completion Date: 2017

Description: The Ningaloo Visitors Centre is the town’s biggest social infrastructure investment and one of the largest buildings in Exmouth. The centre is a multipurpose building designed to connect the local community to the foreshore. Its close proximity to the coastal areas gives the centre an uninterrupted view of the foreshore.

The facility features an art gallery, aquarium, library, community centres, retail areas, full commercial kitchen fit-out and public exhibition spaces. This project plays an instrumental role in the growth of the local community. The Ningaloo Visitors Centre provides additional services to build the town’s future developments and tourist industry.

FIRM Construction engaged local subcontractors and suppliers in order to achieve the Project’s objectives.

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Geraldton Fire Station

Mid West Fire Station built for Geraldton firefighters

Client: Department of Finance
Contract scope: New build
Location: Mid West region (Geraldton)
Completion Date: 2016

Description: FIRM Construction delivered the Geraldton Fire Station under a construct-only contract for the Department of Fire and Emergency Services team.

The fire station’s external areas accommodate movement of large vehicles and firefighting fleet. A customised 8.5m concrete training tower allows fire simulation drills to be performed on-site.

The fully equipped facility features three-engine bay rooms; training areas; living and sleeping quarters; and, office spaces – all operating 24/7. The living areas have acoustic claddings to ensure these spaces are isolated from external noises.

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The Biodiversity Conservation Centre Upgrade – Kings Park

The Biodiversity Conservation Centre upgrade is now house to Kings Park’s seed bank and seed research facilities.

Client: Botanical Gardens and Parks Authority
Contract scope: New build
Location: Perth metropolitan area (Kings Park)
Completion Date: 2015

Description: The construction of the Kings Park Seed Bank was carried out in five stages to allow the site to be fully operational throughout the project’s lifecycle. Our delivery team had to adhere to the client’s strict environmental constraints and policies. The team adopted site-specific Environmental Management Plan.

The project includes civil and roadworks; wash down areas; the demolition of existing structures; the construction of new blocks, such as the seed banks, laboratory and processing facilities; driveways and accessways; stormwater works; and car parks.

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Halls Creek Police Station

Internal refurbishment of Halls Creek Police Station.

Client: Department of Finance
Contract scope: Internal demolition and major refurbishment
Location: North West region
Completion Date: 2015

Description: This project involves internal demolition of pre-existing ceilings, walls, doors and wall claddings, as well installation of new services and systems to the Police Station.

The delivery team installed new fit-outs to the office space, meeting areas, cafe and containment rooms. The project took 16 weeks to complete and reached practical completion in October 2015.
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Denham Fisheries Facility

Department of Fisheries’ new facility in Denham Western Australia.

Client: Department of Fisheries
Contract scope: New build
Location: North West region (Denham)
Completion date: 2012

Description: FIRM Construction constructed Department of Fisheries’ new facility in Denham Western Australia. This project involves the construction of the regional office and its fit-out.

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York Sports Complex

A sporting complex facility built for the whole York community.

Client: Department of Finance
Contract scope: New build
Location: South West region (York)
Completion Date: 2012

Description: FIRM Construction constructed York’s Recreation and Convention Centre. This facility is York’s sporting hub; home to 11 of the area’s sporting clubs.

The works include the construction of internal multi-sports court, offices and meeting spaces. A function hall is available for the local community to enjoy.

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Retail Developments

FIRM Construction has completed several large retail internal shop fit-out developments in the Perth metropolitan area.

This includes retail areas for Qantas and Perth Domestic Airport and bulky goods stores for Officeworks, Super Cheap Auto, Repco, Classic Furniture and Dulux.