Perth Core Library

Contract value: $4.6M | Location: Carlisle, Perth metro

FIRM Construction demonstrated the team’s capability to deliver highly specified requirements such as superflat concrete floors to the required quality standards. The project team engaged early with the Specialist Consultant/Designers for reinforcement and concrete mix design work, to control the quality aspects relating to installation of the formwork, reinforcement and concrete placement, and to ensure the shrinkage to the finishing and curing methods of the concrete was controlled. This included the control of external environmental factors i.e. works must be installed in an enclosed environment to ensure no adverse outcome from environmental factors.

To read more about the Carlisle facility, please click here. 

  • Type:
  • Value:
  • Location:
  • Industrial and Mining
  • $6.43M
  • Carlisle, Perth metro

Conveyors and Viewing Platforms

Construction of warehouse with purpose build fit-out such as pallet racking, viewing tables for drill core samples, and a specialised conveyor system

Office Facilities

Additional 3,500sqm warehouse space, concrete work bays, installation of fire tanks, pumps and its enclosures, office space, staff facilities, extensive external landscaping works, and car parking spaces.

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